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Gross Net Calculator Switzerland - Calculate Your Net Wages

The Wage Calculator for Switzerland is a tool for those who want to come to Switzerland as a new citizen, live and work here. But also for those who already have a permanent residence here, the Gross Net Calculator Switzerland can provide valuable information. It is very easy to use. To be able to determine a result, the salary calculator Switzerland only needs a few details, such as the monthly gross salary and information on age, children, status and whether one is a church member. The canton in which you live is also important for the calculation. After entering this data, the Wage Tax Calculator Switzerland spits out the net amount that you can expect at the end of the month. However, since the calculations are very complex and there are many points to consider, as we will explain below, there may be deviations.

Wage calculator Switzerland - with which deductions must I count?

Working in Switzerland means paying certain pension and social contributions to the state. This can do the Gross-Net-Calculator for the Switzerland in a few moments for you. Which deductions play but now with into the calculation. It is about the following levies:

  • Unemployment insurance (AVL)
  • Pension Fund (BVG)
  • Employment compensation scheme (EO)
  • Withholding tax (QST)
  • Survivor's insurance (AHV)
  • Invalidity insurance (IV)

Other levies, which, however, do not affect every employee, are:

  • Non-occupational accident insurance (NBU)
  • Daily sickness benefit insurance (KTG).

Wage tax calculator Switzerland - the canton is important.

For the Wage calculator Switzerland, the canton in which you live is quite important, because - unlike in Germany - the withholding tax is determined by the place of residence. This means that there are cheaper places of residence, but also more expensive ones. Here you should calculate your salary in advance with the calculator for gross-net in Switzerland. To determine the exact amount, there are withholding tax rates, in which you are divided:

  • Tariff A is for single people without children, that is, for single, divorced, separated or widowed.
  • Tariff B is for single earners who are married (with and without children).
  • Tariff C is for double earners who are married (with and without children).
  • Tariff D is for part-time earners.

Gross-net calculator Switzerland - how to pay taxes.

If you want to work and live in Switzerland in the future, you pay your taxes monthly. This is different from Swiss citizens, who have to pay the levies annually. However, if you are a cross-border commuter, meaning you work in Switzerland and live in Germany, the withholding tax must be calculated differently. This has to be indicated by an investment form in the tax return. Since you are still liable to pay income tax at your place of residence in Germany, the withholding tax is lower and amounts to a fixed 4.5% for all cross-border commuters. It is paid monthly directly by the employer and can then be credited against the income tax in Germany.

All in all, the Wage Calculator for Switzerland can give you a good indication of how much net will be left of your gross in the end. However, deviations are always given due to the complex calculations.


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If you know your future gross salary in Switzerland, you can almost calculate your exact net without much effort. Our gross-net wage calculator takes into account the regular tax rates and differentiates between the respective regions.