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Who is the salary calculator Switzerland for?

Our free salary calculator for Switzerland is aimed at all European citizens who are planning to emigrate to Switzerland, or have already moved and have a permanent residence.

Swiss citizens pay their taxes annually to the relevant tax office. For immigrants, however, the monthly payment of taxes and other charges such as AHV, IV, ALV, BVG and EO. Our Wage calculator Switzerland of a cross-border commuter or resident in Switzerland is also based on these principles.


The net salary depends on various factors, such as age, marital status, canton, etc.. We always strive to determine exact results and to always be up to date. However, due to the complex calculations, deviations may occur. For all those interested, we have clearly explained below all the important information on the calculation of the salary and the expected levies.


Which deductions from the gross salary does the salary calculator Switzerland take into account?

Also in Switzerland there are certain pension or social contributions that every citizen must pay. So, if you move to Switzerland, you have to reckon with contributions on your salary. The most important contributions are: Unemployment Insurance (ALV), Pension Fund (BVG), Income Replacement Ordinance (EO), Withholding Taxes (QST), Survivors Insurance (AHV) and Disability Insurance (IV).


What is withholding tax?

Swiss nationals pay their taxes once a year, while employees from abroad are subject to what is known as withholding tax. Withholding tax is deducted from gross wages each month and paid to the relevant tax authority. From the point of view of taxation, the choice of canton (region) plays a significant role, because there are inexpensive regions and also expensive ones. In Switzerland, unusual compared to Germany, the place of residence decides the tax rates and thus also the amounts.

What is the BVG portion?

As previously mentioned, the BVG share is also to be understood as levy to the pension fund. It is titled as the 2nd pillar of retirement provision next to AHV/IV/EL in Switzerland and is applicable from a certain income. Depending on which pension fund one belongs to, the contributions are higher or lower. The contributions are deducted monthly from the gross salary. The entry threshold to the 2nd pillar is an income of 21330 francs.

Here you can find all the information on the BVG portion.


To determine the net wage, the three main Swiss social security contributions in the salary calculator Switzerland must also be included. Only in this way can a result from the salary calculator be determined as accurately as possible.

The contribution of the respective levies is composed as follows: AHV (unemployment insurance) with 4.2%, IV (disability insurance) with 0.7% and EO (income replacement regulation) with 0.225%. Arithmetically, this results in a total burden of 5.125% for employer contribution and employee contribution.

Further gross wage costs in the salary calculator Switzerland: Unemployment insurance (ALV)


With our Wage Calculator for Switzerland you can not only see your future net wage, but we also show a detailed breakdown of all upcoming monthly costs. The statement contains, for example, the exact amount of the contribution to the unemployment insurance.

Just like the BVG portion, participation in this part of social insurance is mandatory up to a certain gross salary. Those who are required to contribute must make ALV payments. The rate is 2.2%, half of which is paid by the employer.

Non-occupational accident insurance (NBU)

For net wage calculation, the NBU is an extended insurance to the normal occupational disability insurance (BU), because it is only valid for employees who work more than 8 hours per week.

For normal BU, the employee's company fully covers all premiums for occupational accidents. Non-occupational accidents are paid half by the employer. This amount varies depending on the employee's salary and employer.

What is daily sickness benefits insurance (KTG)?

In Germany, the KTG is known as health insurance and is paid monthly. KTG is one of the few basic insurances that are not compulsory, but mandatory.

Employees who are unable to work due to an accident, illness or maternity benefit from the company's continued payment of wages. Most companies use collective daily sickness benefit insurance to keep these salary continuation costs low. Employees pay a maximum of half of the total amount to the KTG.

Calculate your net salary in under 1 minute with the Swiss salary calculator!

As you now know, many factors decide the wage amount, the annual gross wage and the tax burden. As a basis, the authorities use the place of residence, so it is important to weigh beforehand, in which region (canton) it moves you.

To find out how high the income tax (withholding tax) for you, you can simply use our salary calculator Switzerland. It is free to use and the result is output immediately.

Worth knowing: Is it worthwhile as a cross-border commuter?

Is it worth it to work as a cross-border commuter in Switzerland? This is the most important question for most people when it comes to the financial benefits of Switzerland. Depending on the place of residence, marital status or even as a church member, the calculation is a little different. With our salary calculator Switzerland, taxes, all insurance such as AHV, IV, EO or KTG can be calculated within seconds.

This is what you need to know as a cross-border commuter!

Wage calculator Switzerland: income tax Cross-border commuters in Switzerland are still liable for tax at their place of residence in their home country. Here, cross-border commuters must file Annex N-Gre in the annual tax return. The already credited withholding tax is credited, which ultimately results in a lower tax burden.

Gross Net Calculator Switzerland: Withholding Tax For cross-border commuters, the withholding tax is fixed and amounts to 4.5% of the gross salary. It is paid directly by the employer each month and can then be credited against income tax in Germany.

In principle, cross-border commuters should seek professional advice, even if the attractiveness of salaries in Switzerland is very tempting.

Bruto Neto Calculator Switzerland (on the fringe)

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The Swiss Wage Calculator 2024

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

For the self-employed and individual groups of people (e.g., civil servants)

In fact. Unfortunately, it ies not possible to take into account all the details and conditions. However, the deviation should not exceed plus/minus CHF 100.- (without guarantee).


Wages in Switzerland are clearly higher than in neighboring EU countries. However, Switzerland also has higher living costs. Important aspects such as education, work experience, further training, etc. determine your individual salary.

For the calculation of pension fund contributions, Gross Net Calculator Switzerland relies on the following percentages:

  • 1.4%
  • 7%
  • 8%
  • 9%
  • 10%

Different percentages are used depending on the industry, but there is usually little variation between them.

Through a connection, the rate tables with the current daily rate are transferred to our Gross Net Calculator Switzerland.

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